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‘Memoirs from the gun room’ by Daniel Philip Côté (A.H. Fox CE16)

‘Christmastime at Middleton Plantation’ by Roger Pinckney (1927 Trojan 12 gauge Parker, 1927 and 1936 AH Fox Sterlingworths, and a Fox Model B).

‘The Longest Season: Eighty Thousand Days Among the Wildfowl’ by Ross Seyfried (home made flintlock, Joseph Lang percussion, Westley Richards pinfire, Charles Lancaster 10 bore of 1871, Westley Richards Super Magnum Explora, W.W. Greener Royal 12, W&C Scott Monte Carlo B, W&C Scott Premier Quality 10 gauge, and a Rigby ‘Rising Bite’)  

‘A Dynamic Duo of AA Grade Parkers’ by Steve Cambria (Made in 1899)

‘Lord, What A Purdey!’ by John Campbell II (12 bore centre-fire hammer gun of 1866)

‘The A.E. Whitmore sidelock’ (1890s) by Tom Archer and Terry Allen

‘British Guns and Sporting Rifles: An Eclectic Collection - pt 39’ by Sherman Bell (Trulock and Harriss, Edwin Chamberlain, Frederick Beesley and J. Purdey & Sons)

‘Barber and Lefever Hammer Shotguns’ by Joe Smolka

‘George Smith, London’ by Dr. John Newton

‘The Colindian’ by Derek Stimpson (1888 Charles Lancaster)


Winter 2021 (Digital) Vol.32



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