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  • ‘Memoirs from the gun room’ by Daniel Philip Côté (Holland and Holland .450 BPE)
  • ‘History of O. Geyger & Co., Berlin - Waffenfabrik - Pt 2’ by Dr. Kasten Eden
  • ‘Hammers and fences’ by Ross Seyfried (A.W. Spies (19- bore single flint); W.C. Scott (10-bore); William Greener; Holland & Holland (single 12 bore); Alexander Henry’s .450 sporting target, Mortimer 28 bore rifle; Dougall “LockFast” single .500 rifle; Westley Richards,Haetge 16 bore game gun, and Boss 12-bore double rifle)
  • ‘Remington Model 1894: BE grade’ by Terry Deem
  • Francotte: quality from Belgium by Sherman Bell
  • ‘A one-armed trapshooter and a 34-inch Parker CHE’ by Randy Roberts
  • ‘The preserve at Boulder hills’ by Constance Sullivan
  • ‘The Double Champ’s double guns’ by George Foreman (J.P. Sauer 1893 20 gauge, RBL Professional double rifle, Fox Sterlingworth, Edward Kettner Cape Gun 16 gauge, Suhl Meffert combination,
  • ‘An L.C. Smith A-3 20 bore - Pt 3’ by Tom Archer & Terry Allen
  • ‘A. Hollis double rifles and the Leonard connection - Pt 2’ by R. Nolan Keiler
  • ‘Peter Christopher Chapman 1934 - 2019’ by David Brown
  • ‘A Fox J grade SBT’ by Frank J. Sebro
  • ‘A brace of Smith shotguns’ by Dr. John Newton (William Smith and Samuel & Charles Smith)

Winter 2019 (Digital) Vol.30

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