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  • ‘How John Norton The Trapper Spent His Christmas’ by W H. H. Murray (Nelson Lewis)
  • ‘A Fox Gun For Christmas!’ by Steve Cambria (DE Grade)
  • ‘Geoffrey Gournet: Master Engraver’ by J. E. Fender
  • ‘E. C. Hodges: The Marque of Excellence’ by John Campbell II & Robert Hodges
  • ‘The Equatorial Rifle Goes West’ by Sherman Bell & Richard Winters (Thomas  Bland 1896 10-bore rifle,
  • ‘A Parker Brothers 12-Gauge GH Damascus Shotgun’ by C. L. Scott
  • ‘Major Charles Askins And His Ithaca’ by WaIter C. Snyder (grade 4 16 gauge ejector)
  • ‘FN - Browning Double Rifles’ by Fredrik Franzén
  • ‘A Modern American Single Shot’ by Dick Wright (Ruger No.1-A in .243 Winchester)
  • ‘Single Shots Of A Different Kind’ by Sherman Bell (Model 71 Mauser,  Model 88, Model 92 Steyr Mannlicher, Model 1908 Mannlicher Schoenauer)
  • ‘Hunter Arms Company Trade Name Guns by Drew Hause & James Stubbendieck
  • Merkel 200 Series Variations by Nick Hahn

Winter 2013 (Digital) Vol.24

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