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  • ‘Duck hunting from Illinois to Arkansas’ by Van Campen Heilner
  • ‘Gift of the Magi?’ by John Campbell II (J. Zeller of Paderborn, Germany,
  • ‘Super-Fox On The Stikine Flats’ by Frank J. Srebro
  • ‘Not Just Another Boring Boxlock!’ by Diggory Hadoke (Anson and Deeley, Westley Richards, W.W. Greener, Leslie Taylor, Bonehill, Cogswell and Harrison, Joseph Harkom, Manton & Co., BSA, Webley & Scott)
  • ‘Ithaca Single Barrel Trap Guns’ by Townsend & Edward Breeden
  • ‘British Guns & Sporting Rifles: More Rook Rifles - Part 27’ by Sherman Bell (P. Webley & Son, Leeson, Holland and Holland, Boss7 Co., William Evans,Westley Richards, Dougall/Allport,  
  • ‘Johann Fanzoj Gun & Rifle Makers’ by Vic Venters
  • ‘L. C. Smith 10-Gauge Waterfowl Guns’ by Craig Larter
  • ‘More Manchester Makers’ by Dr. John Newton (William Gascoigne, Thomas Conway. John William Edge, and William Griffiths)
  • ‘The Beretta S Series’ by Nick Hahn

Winter 2012 (Print) Vol.23



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