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‘Duck hunting from Illinois to Arkansas’ by Van Campen Heilner
‘Gift of the Magi?’ by John Campbell II (J. Zeller of Paderborn, Germany)
‘Super-Fox On The Stikine Flats’ by Frank J. Srebro
‘Not Just Another Boring Boxlock!’ by Diggory Hadoke (Anson and Deeley, Westley Richards, W.W. Greener, Leslie Taylor, Bonehill, Cogswell and Harrison, Joseph Harkom, Manton & Co., BSA, Webley & Scott)
‘Ithaca Single Barrel Trap Guns’ by Townsend & Edward Breeden
‘British Guns & Sporting Rifles: More Rook Rifles - Part 27’ by Sherman Bell (P. Webley & Son, Leeson, Holland and Holland, Boss & Co., William Evans, Westley Richards, Dougall/Allport,  
‘Johann Fanzoj Gun & Rifle Makers’ by Vic Venters
‘L. C. Smith 10-Gauge Waterfowl Guns’ by Craig Larter
‘More Manchester Makers’ by Dr. John Newton (William Gascoigne, Thomas Conway, John William Edge, and William Griffiths)
‘The Beretta S Series’ by Nick Hahn

Winter 2012 (Digital) Vol.23

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