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  • ‘Two hunts and an Ithaca’ by Walter C. Snyder
  • ‘A French 25, s’il vous plait’ by John Campbell II (Greener Facile Princeps)
  • ‘The company, the craftsman & the guns’ by Dr. John Newton (H. Holland, W.G. Froome, Holland & Holland .500)
  • ‘The genesis and genius of Caesar Guerini Firearms’ by J. E. Fender
  • ‘The Super Fox 12-gauge shotgun’ by Craig Larter
  • ‘Parker Brothers single barrel trap guns’ by Townsend Breeden
  • ‘L. C. Smith’s Fifth Variation by Tom Archer & Terry Allen (A-2,
  • ‘Rare and wonderful guns: Elk Rifles - Part I’ by Ross Seyfried (William Soper, Boss & Co. Pedersoli Mortimer, Boss & Co.)
  • ‘Reloading the oddball metrics and others - Part 5’ by J.C. Munnell (.450 black Powder Express, J.P. Sauer)
  • ‘Charlie's favorite bird gun’ by Nick Hahn (20 gauge Merkel 200E)

Winter 2011 (Print) Vol.22



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