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  • ‘Thomas Kennedy, riflemaker to HRH Prince Albert’ by Miles Gilbert
  • ‘Thomas Newton (Gunmaker) Manchester’ by Dr. John Newton
  • ‘Paradox ~ guns for all seasons’ by Sherman Bell (Holland & Holland)
  • ‘Johann Fanzoj’s brilliant boxlock rifle’ by Michael Sabbeth
  • ‘Shooting and reloading for the 9.3 x 72R’ by J. C. Munnell (St Wackes, Joseph Zeller)
  • ‘Pringle's guns’ by Worth Mathewson (Hoffman Arms, Stephen Grant)
  • ‘The Directory gun’ by Tom Archer & Terry AlIen (Syracuse Arms Company, AE boxlock)
  • ‘A Nice No-Name Prussian Daly’ by Vincent Tomaselli
  • ‘The John L. Kemmerer Francotte’ by Alexander J. Deatherage (1888)
  • ‘The L. C. Smith skeet special’ by Drew Hause & James Stubbendieck
  • ‘Purdey no. 8916’ by Thomas E. Oppel (1873 black powder express rifle)
  • ‘The Boxlock over/under shotgun’ by Nick Hahn (Browning Superposed, Merkel “blitz action”, Browning Citori ’Superlightning’, Beretta 2687 Silver pigeon’ , Perazzi SCO, AyA Model 33, Remington Model 3200, Miroku, Krieghoff K-80 ).  
  • ‘An Ithaca comes home’ by Bruce W. Foster (5E NID)

Winter 2010 (Digital) Vol.21

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