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  • ‘British Gun Auctions, Part V’ by Diggory Hadoke (guns by Robert Adams, A. Hill & Son, Gibbs & Pitt, Adams & Co., T. Woodward, William Evans, Charles Lancaster, T. W. Watson, Edwinson Green & Son)
  • ‘Finding Out For Myself – pt.12 by Sherman Bell (Barrel tests, L. C. Smith Remington 1894, Remington 1900)
  • ‘The King’s double rifles – pt.1‘ by Jean Paul Loeff (Nowotny, Heym)‘Special Order Stevens No. 56’ by William W. Headrick
  • ‘Examples of Cogswell & Harrison‘ by Dr. John Newton
  • ‘Early American Shotgun Makers – Part 1’ by Robert Matthews, Bill McPhail & Terry Allen (Sneider)
  • ‘Golden Oldies’ by William W. Headrick (Remington 1894, A.H. Fox CE, L.C. Smith 00, Parker, VHE)
  • ‘Hinckley’s Parker’ by Colin McLagan (hammergun)
  • ‘Westley Richards – pt.2’ by Ross Seyfried (Centerfire breechloaders)
  • ‘William Griffiths of Manchester‘ by Steve Bodio (hammergun)
  • ‘The Sumners – Engravers To Boss & Co.‘ by Donald Dallas
  • ‘L. C. Smith Double & Single Trap Guns’ by Townsend Breeden
  • ‘The “Ideal” Shotgun‘ by Martin Godio (Manufacture Francaise d’Armes)
  • ‘The Ruger Red Label Shotgun’ by J. E. Fender (Ruger SxS)
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Company – pt.7’ by Jack Maedel

Winter 2006 (Digital) Vol.17

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