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  • 'Takes My Breath Away' by Wayne Capooth
  • 'London Gun Auctions' by Diggory Hadoke
  • 'British Single-Shot Rifles - Part 1, The William Soper Rifles' by Sherman Bell
  • 'The Tuna Club Lefever' by Colin McLagan (Lefever Grade EE)
  • 'The Howell Family of Birmingham by Stephen D. Howell
  • 'The Christmas Present, Ten-gauges in the Sacramento Valley' by Ross Seyfried (Westley Richards 10 gauge, Lancaster sidelock ejector, Greener 10 gauge)
  • 'A Rare Remington Model 1889, Grade 6' by Charles Semmer
  • 'A Gift For A Prince' by Frank Findlow (1897-Joseph Lang & Son .577 rifle )
  • 'The Life and Times of Mr. Fox's DE Grade' by William W. Headrick
  • 'Love For The Little Gun' by Robert Matthews & Terry Allen (.410s Bertuzzi, Army & Navy by Webley and Scott 1893, L.C. Smith 'Monogram', Browning, Ansley H. Fox) 
  • 'Ghost or Gunmaker - Part 2, - the mystery of H.A. Lindner of Suhl' by Hans Pfingsten & John Mann
  • 'The Syracuse Gun Co: The Low Grades - Part 11' by Tom Archer & Terry Allen
  • 'The Syracuse Gun Co: The Early Years - Part 3' by Jack Maedel
  • 'The Ubiquitous Ithaca Doubles' by W. R. Hammond (Flues 1908-1926, NID 1926-1948, Lefever Nitro Special 1921-1947)
  • 'George E. Ramey's L.C. Smith' by James T. Tyson (Specialty Trap gun)
  • The Loon Lake Club

Winter 2005 (Print) Vol.16



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