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  • ‘The Goose Of Christmas Past’ by William W. Headrick (Winchester, Bownning, Super-Fox)
  • ‘Exceptional British Doubles’ by Sherman Bell (Stephen Grant .500 x 3 inch BPE, Holland & Holland .450 Royal, W&C Scott ‘Premier Extra Special’, Wild, Watson)   
  • ‘The Short Life Of Philadelphia Arms Co.’ by David Noreen (Fox)
  • ‘The Souvenir’ by David J. Baker (Powers and Surface cleaning rod, Faries).
  • ‘Remington Whitmore Combination Gun’ by Charles Semmer Model 1873)
  • ‘Tracing The History Of Your English Gun’ by Donald Dallas (Boss)
  • ‘Parker A-1 Special - Lost And Found!’ by Robert L. Dluge, Sr.
  • ‘The Argentina Grand Slam’ by Stuart Williams (Duck shooting. Ithaca Classic double 5E)
  • ‘Some American Lightweights’ by Colin McLagan (Parker, L.C. Smith, Lefever, Fox, Ithaca)
  • ‘Fur, Feathers, and Frontloaders’ by William W. Headrick (Purdey muzzle loader, Charles Moore flintlock, William Smith, Beckwith, Manton & Son)
  • ‘Double Back In Africa - Part 1’ by Timothy Carney (Holland & Holland .500 / .450.
  • ‘John Rigby & Co, regulating double rifles in the new millennium’ by Steve Helsley
  • ‘Jim DeMunck - Craftsman, Artisan & Artist’ by J .F. Fender (Engraving)
  • ‘German Double Guns, with two or more barrel sets’ by Fredrik Franzén (Simson, Geyger, Bessel, Englund, Foerster)
  • ‘Crass 16-Gauge Grade 6’ by James T. Tyson (Ithaca)
  • ‘Peter In Wonderland’ by Peter Kogut (English pheasant shoot)
  • ‘A New Slant On The "Wrist Breaker" by David J. Baker (Lancaster Model A lock conversion)

Winter 2002 (Digital) Vol.13

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