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  • 'The Lovely Menace' by Catherine Harper (Browning BSS)
  • 'Money Well Spent' by William W. Headrick (
  • 'British Doubles From A to Z, Part 12' by Sherman Bell (Alexander Henry .450, Thomas Horsley .450, Holland & Holland .577, William Powell & Sons)  
  • 'Ithaca NID 28 Gauge Guns' by Bill Davis
  • 'Clayton’s Parker' by Ed Muderlak
  • 'The Rarest Purdey?' by Donald Dallas
  • 'Rigby Shotguns' by Ted Hatfield
  • 'A Very Early Woodward Over-Under' by Robert I Egbert
  • 'Hunting and Shooting with Holland & Holland, Part 2' by Stuart Wiliams
  • 'A Converted Lancaster Double Rifle' by Colin Greenwood
  • 'The John Olin Model 21 Winchester' by Edward E. Ulrich
  • 'A Combination Gun, and the little one that got away' by Ross Seyfried (Alexander Henry)
  • 'Brownings Afield' by William W. Headrick (Superposed Grade 1, Citori model 425, Citori Grade VI)
  • 'Perazzi Nonpareil' by James I. Fender
  • 'An Italian Proved Remington EEO' by Charles Semmer
  • 'L.C. Smith’s Worshipful Masters of the Order of Gunmakers' by John O. Houchins
  • 'Project B.S.A.' by David J. Baker
  • '1897 ~ Men, Monuments and Moments, Ithaca-Quality since 1880' by James T. Tyson

Winter 2000 (Digital) Vol.11

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