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  • ‘A Gun For My Old Age’ by David J. Baker (Horsley hammergun)
  • ‘Finding Out For Myself, Part II’ by Sherman Bell (Testing Damascus barrels)
  • ‘What Are The Odds?’ by William W. Headrick (Parker/waterfowl hunting)
  • ‘Trains, Planes and Wild Game Birds’ by Nicholas Tett (Bird hunting in Africa)
  • ‘The Other Model 21’ – The Double Rifle’ by Edward E. Ulrich (Winchester Model 21)
  • ‘A Custom ’ by Tom Kidd (Fox Grade XE)
  • ‘A Purdey 8-Bore Snap Action’ by James E. Fender (Purdey)
  • ‘Remington Grade EEO, From G.P. to H.F.E.’ by Charles Semmer (Remington SxS)
  • ‘Parker’s Pigeon Gun, The Barrels Made The Difference ’ by Ed  Muderlak (Parker)
  • ‘A Global Gallery of Game Guns’ by William W. Headrick (Army & Navy, Chas. Lancaster, Auguste Francotte, Aguirre y Aranzabal AyA, J. P. Sauer, Arrieta, L. C. Smith, Stephano Lucchini)
  • ‘A Vierling ’ by Fredrik Franzén (Vierling/Hans Englund)
  • ‘Griffin & Howe – The Legend Continues ’ by Joseph G. Bilby (Griffin & Howe, Holland & Holland, Bertuzzi, Boss)
  • ‘Ithaca – Quality Since 1880, Hammer Guns ‘ by James T. Tyson (Ithaca)
  • ‘The Comeback of Casa de Campo ‘ by Stuart Williams (shooting facility)
  • ‘William Moore Rediscovered ’ by Michael S. Franck ( Wm. Moore)
  • ‘Reloading Revisited, A Condensed Version of How to Make Ammunition for Double Barrelled Rifles ‘ by Ross Seyfried (Woodward, Alexander Henry, Lancaster, Rigby, Holland & Holland, Greener, Martini)
  • ‘Sporting Guns & Pointing Dogs in Sweden ’ by Jan Nilsson (Delrez, Simson & Co., Clabrough, Purdey, Gibbs, Francotte, Murat Ciceron, Skimin & Wood, Geo. Lechner, Wm. Evans)
  • ‘Army & Navy C.S.L. 23821 ’ by Douglas L. Le Bas (Army & Navy)
  • ‘European Economy Doubles ‘ by Larry Brown (Sauer, Centaure Liege, Manufrance, Bernardelli, Parker-Hale, Parquemy)

Winter 1999 (Digital) Vol.10

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