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  • ‘Reflections On A New England Upland Sporting Life’ by Paul E. Chase 
‘Gunshops of Paris’ by Nial McInerney
  • ‘The Masterpiece’ by John Curnow (W&C Scott .303 rifle)
  • ‘Just Taking It Easy At Rough Creek Lodge’ by Dwayne Wells
  • ‘The Guns of C. B. Brown’ by James T. Tyson (Ithaca)
  • ‘Herkules: A Grecian God & A Strong Verschluss’ by Fredrik Franzén (Mahrholdt Hakenloser Herkules ‘bock’ double rifle, Schuler)
  • ‘Purdey's: A British Best’ by Tony Jackson
  • ‘Smoothbore Smorgasbord - Part 4’ by William W. Headrick (Boss & Co., L.C. Smith, Ithaca N.I.D. grade no.2E., Hunter Arms Co. Fulton, Parker AA grade,
  • ‘Grouse Shooting In The Swedish Mountains’ by Jan Nilsson (AyA Matador, Beretta 686, Boswell, Fischer)
  • ‘My Forgotten Parker’ by John T. Jacopi (Parker DHE 16 gauge)
  • ‘Fox Gun Co. - Baltimore, Maryland’ by Tom Kidd
  • ‘British Doubles From A To Z - Part 7’ by Sherman Bell (Rigby, Rodda rifles)
  • ‘An Elephant at Mateke’ by Ross Seyfried
  • ‘A Transitional Horsley’ by David J. Baker
  • ‘A Refinished Remington’ by Charles Semmer (Model 1894 CEO 16 gauge)
  • ‘The Case of the .470 Double Case’ by Anthony J. Schembri (Martin Huey)

Winter 1998 (Digital) Vol.9

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