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  • ‘The Village Gunshop’ by Jonathan Hanson (Gun buying trip to England)
  • ‘The Guard Changes at Rigby’s’ by Col. Craig Boddington (Rogue River Rifleworks takeover)
  • ‘Dassa Amore!’ by Michael Sabbeth (Italian engraving firm Incisioni Dassa)
  • ‘The World of Holland and Holland’ by Stuart M. Williams
  • ‘Christoph Funk, Suhl’ by Fredrik Franzén
  • ‘A Couple of Old Reliables’ by William W. Headrick (Parker, McCombs)
  • ‘1936 Krieghoff Neptune Drilling’ by Bernard DiGiacobbe
  • ‘Casa de Campo, A shooter’s haven in the Dominican Republic’ by Stuart M. Williams
  • ‘Bar In Wood’ by Ross Seyfried (Lancaster .500 double rifle, Wesley Richards double rifle, Purdey, Horsley .450 Express, Westley Richards .577-500 Express)
  • ‘Double Gun Autumn’ by Sherman Bell (W&C Scott, Francotte, Ithaca)
  • ‘Antony Galazan's Stunning Superposed’ by James Fender
  • ‘Some Byways of British Sporting Literature’ by David Baker
  • ‘Unique?’ by Tom Kidd (F grade Fox)
  • ‘The Preeminent EE Remington’ by Charles Selmer
  • ‘Back To Basics: American Economy Doubles’ by Larry Brown (Stevens, Hunter Arms, Ithaca LeFever, Iver Johnson Hercules, Parker PH, Fox, Meriden, L.C. Smith)

Winter 1997 (Print) Vol.8



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