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  • ‘My Experiences With Double Guns, from a lifetime of using them’ by John R. Kane
  • ‘A Christmas Hunt’ by Dale C. Spartas
  • ‘Don't Choke On The Close Ones!’ by Randy E. Lawrence
  • ‘Westley Richards — Long Range Large Game Rifles’ by Ross Seyfried
  • ‘An Expatriate Returns!’ by Tom C. Kidd (Fox CE grade)
  • ‘The Search For 13028’ by Larry Catlett (Purdey)
  • ‘Four of a Kind’ by Sherman Bell (Alexander Henry Express rifles)
  • ‘Some Lesser Known Guns’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd (Charles Ingram of Glasgow, Simkin & Son of Bolton, James Gregson & Co. of Blackburn, Griffiths of Manchester, Hepplestone of Manchester, Tony R. White)
  • ‘Once Upon A Muse’ by William W. Headrick (L.C. Smith “Crown” Grade Longrange Wildfowl 12 Gauge 3 inch, Winchester Model 21 “Duck” 12 Gauge 3 inch, A.H. Fox “HE-BE” grade Super Fox 12 Gauge 3 inch, Parker Brothers “P” Grade Lifter action 10 Gauge, J.P. Sauer Model 60E “Exhibition” grade 12 gauge, William Ford 10 gauge / 8 gauge, Westley Richards droplock “Deluxe” 12 gauge, Parker Brothers “D” grade Lifter Action 10 gauge, James Purdey & Sons self-opening 20 gauge 3 inch)
  • ‘Kersten or Strassburgerverschluss’ by Fredrik Franzén (Bolts, Kerstenverschluss, Vierordt)
  • ‘Rough Shooting in Scotland’ by Margaret and Worth Mathewson
  • ‘Four "Rubbermen" And A Parker’ by Robert S. Harris (Parker 16 gauge DHE)
  • ‘Diamonds and Other Prussian Jewels’ by Bill Wise (Prussian Charles Daly)
  • ‘Waterfowling In Argentina’ by Stuart M. Williams
  • ‘L.C. Smith A3 — One of A Provenanced Pair by Roger Micus
  • ‘The Chapuis Double Rifle In Africa’ by Sherman Bell
  • ‘J. Nowotny v Praze’ by Felix Neuberger (F. Faukner, J Holecek, Lovena, H.Roedl, J. Wenisch)
  • ‘Remington Whitmore Grade 4 Engraving’ by Charles Semmer

Winter 1995 (Digital) Vol.6

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