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  • ‘Spirit of Geese - Souls of men’ by William W. Headrick
  • ‘Parker guns, supply side economics’ by Edwin D. Muderlak (production numbers)
  • ‘Westley Richards No.3158’ by Lynton McKenzie
  • ‘George T. Abbey’s patent breechloader’ by Rick Pratt
  • ‘How to buy a gun’ by Tom Kidd (1919 leaflet by the Fox company)
  • ‘Mexican quail’ by Stuart M. Williams
  • ‘Sleeving’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd
  • ‘Sauer & Son double rifles’ by Fredrik Franzén
  • ‘Lefever conversion guns’ by Buck Hamlin
  • ‘The joys of Gardonne V.T.’ by Ross Bruner (Italian gunmakers Ferlib and Piotti)
  • ‘Asprey: the gun room’ by Tony Jackson
  • Book review by Josh Côté - ‘Sacred Trusts, edited by Michael Katakis’
  • ‘Doubles in the Arctic’ by Chris McGann
  • ‘Care and feeding of double rifles, choosing the correct bullet’ by Ross Seyfried
  • ‘Ithaca gun serial number 193,099’ by Walter C. Snyder
  • ‘Wild birds’ by Dale C. Spartas (Pheasants)
  • ‘A tale of two doubles’ by Cal Pappas (L.C. Smith Specialty grade 16 gauge & A.H. Fox, A grade, 20 gauge)
  • ‘John Henry Walsh’ by David Baker (Walsh - editor of ‘The Field’ and ‘Great British Amateur’)
  • ‘A case of providence in American Arms shotguns’ by Wm. M. Furnish & J.A. Nelson
  • ‘Old Henry’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd (Alexander Henry rifle converted to 12 bore)
  • ‘A rare Model 1883 Remington shotgun’ by Charles Semmer

Winter 1994 (Digital) Vol.5

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