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  • ‘Allegheny Highland Fling’ by Randy Lawrence (Holland & Holland)
  • ‘The “Special .S.” by Tom Kidd (A.H. Fox, Savage Arms)
  • ‘Back to New England’  by Dale Spartas (Photographs)
  • ‘Metamorphosis’ by Larry Catlett (Scott 20 gauge, Purdey, Bonehill)
  • ‘The double rifle drilling’ by Fredrik Franzén (Sauer Dresden, Hamacher, Merkel,
  • ‘The scotsman and the Boss over-under gun’ by Donald Dallas (John Robertson)
  • ‘Stock wood for “Best Guns” by Bill Dowtin
  • ‘Handloading for double rifles’ by Keith McCafferty (John Wilkes .475 no.2 Nitro Express)
  • ‘Birth of a gun collector’ by David J. Baker (John Rigby, Trulock & Harriss,  
  • ‘William Powell & Son Ltd - (Bringing the Birmingham Best into the 21st century)’ by Vic Venters
  • ‘An American classic, (Made in Hawaii)’ by Gary Chang
  • ‘Remember when’ by William W. Headrick (Photo essay, Winchester Model 21, L.C. Smith, A.H. Fox, Browning ‘Diana’, Lefever, Philadelphia Arms, Parker Reproduction, Parker A1 Special 20 gauge, Browning)
  • ‘Thinking of where we’ve been’ Michael McIntosh
  • ‘The Christmas goose’ by Ross Seyfried (John Rigby single, J.D. Dougall and Westley Richards pinfires,
  • ‘Argentina wingshooting fiesta’ by Stuart Williams (partridge and dove shoots)
  • ‘The Churchill Zenith, part 1’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd
  • ‘Mexico City Revisited’ by Donald Whittaker
  • ‘The Parker fish-tail top lever’ by Charlie Price
  • ‘Frank Knickerbocker, (Prominent gunmaker from the golden Age of American shotguns)’ by Walter C. Snyder
  • ‘Remington arms “OC” double shotguns by Charles Semmer

Winter 1993 (Digital) Vol.4

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