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  • ‘The shot column’ by John R. Smestad
  • ‘The ultimate "Live Pigeon" Gun’ by Lewis Drake & William W. Headrick (Purdey)
  • ‘A christmas visitor’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd
  • ‘A drilling?, You’re going to shoot a what?’ by Walter H White (J.P. Sauer & Sohn,
  • ‘The King, Mr. Churchill and Mrs. Simpson’ by Douglas Tate (Churchill)
  • ‘The bar action sidelock’ by Bill Dowtin (James Woodward, Granger)
  • ‘Dan McCombs - An American Master’ by Robert Carr (Parker)
  • ‘Lead shot wars’ by L.P. Brezny
  • ‘Turning pins into needles’ by David J. Baker (Horsley, Squires)
  • ‘The Liege gun trade - Part 2 - A true family affair - Marcel Thys’ by Jan Roosenburg
  • ‘Big bore guns’ by Michael McIntosh (Joseph Lang, Bonehill, Tolley, Holland, Westley Richards)
  • ‘Highlands of the Northwest, [U.S.A.]’ by Nicholas L. Kenney (Alex Martin)
  • ‘The Gift’ by William W. Headrick
  • ‘Golden days in the gilded age’ by Vic Venters (‘J.P. Morgan’s Southern quail hunting lodge’)
  • ‘The Carver’ by Michael Katakis
  • ‘Burt Becker's Best by Tom Kidd
  • ‘The running game’ by Alexander R. Gray (Holland & Holland, Rigby,
  • ‘D.M. Lefever's elusive cross bolt guns’ by Keith Kearcher
  • ‘Gun engraving, Part 4’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd (Harry Kell, Fred Scales, Keith Thomas, Brown brothers, Phil Coggan, Ken Hunt, Malcolm Long, Bill Sinclair)
  • ‘The Parker Book Update’ by CDR. Roy Gunther
  • ‘The guns of the Baker Brothers, Part 2, Trigger-break Models, 1874-1884)’ by W.M. Furnish & D.D. Hallquist
  • ‘Book Reviews’ by Bill Baines and Tom Bright
  • ‘A day to hunt, to reminisce’ by Brad Piearson (L.C. Smith)

Winter 1992 (Digital) Vol.3

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