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  • ‘If old Doubles could talk’ by Daniel Philip Côté
  • "If it’s Weird..." A Defense of the Darne by Stephen Bodio
  • ‘Dead Bird’ by Greg Weise
  • ‘Granddaddy's Double’ by Charlie Price, (Krupp barreled 16 bore German boxlock)
  • ‘The Parker gun’ by Larry DelGrego
  • ‘Remington Arms Company’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘From Grouse Tales’ by Ken Szabo
  • ‘The Superposed Browning’ by Col. W. R. (Reid) Betz
  • ‘Double-Guns and true confessions’ by Michael McIntosh
  • ‘Purdeys’ by Nicholas J. Makinson
  • "Environmental Ethics" by John Russell
  • ‘Lesser Lights’ by Don Hardin, (little known American double-barreled shotguns: Baltimore Arms Co.; Harrington & Richardson; Tobin Arms Manufacturing Co.; J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.; Syracuse Arms Co.)  
  • ‘The Ithaca Gun Co.’ by Joe Vorisek
  • ‘Wood, steel, & gold’ (A Parker A-1 Special) by Dave Anderson
  • ‘In Pursuit of Mr. Bob - our favorite game bird’ by John M. Taylor (Bob White quail)
  • ‘Taylor-Made trap guns’ by Fred O. Copeland
  • ‘Connections’ by Bill Baines (Parker)
  • ‘The L. C. Smith’ by Brad Piearson
  • ‘The A. H. Fox Gun Company’ by Tom & Carol Kidd
  • ‘Those Obscure Masterpieces’ by J. Douglas Tinsley (Shaefer)
  • ‘Thoughts on LeFever Arms Co. hammerless shot guns’ by Bob Elliott
  • ‘The Shot Column - First Light’ by John R. Smestad
  • ‘My First Parker’ by Wm. L. Mullins (VH grade 12 gauge and a 16 gauge)
  • Game Bag and Gun - from ‘Forest and Stream journal - Fall 1889’.

Winter 1989 (Digital) Vol.1

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