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  • Memoirs from the Gun Room - In homage to our best friends - by Daniel Philip Côté
  • The Riddle of the Rodda .600 NE, by Harnihal Singh Sidhu
  • Saga of the Supers, Fox waterfowl guns, by Frank Srebro
  • A Cashmore with Cachet, by John Campbell II
  • Remington Model 1893 No.3, by Terry Deem
  • Only the Beginning: Serial no. 115 - An evolutionary Parker Lifter, by Steve Cambria
  • Taking the Pressure off - [low pressure loading data], by Ross Seyfried
  • The Strawn L.C. Smith: A Rare Factory Conversion, by Tom Archer & Terry Allen
  • Martini Madness - Part II, by Sherman Bell

Summer 2021 (Digital) Vol.32

  • Once check out is completed you will receive your download link.  File sizes vary between 40MB and 100MB


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