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  • Memoirs From The Gun Room - Daniel Philip Côté (Pape, Murcott, Rigby, Dobson & Rosson, & Purdey)
  • A Bonehill With Bona Fides - (Bonehill Interchangeable 20 -bore c.1900) by John Campbell II
  • A Phoenix Rises: a rare A.H. Fox 20 -Gauge CE-HE Super Fox by Craig Larter
  • Double Gun Diversity Training by Sherman Bell (Hellis & Sons, T. Page Wood of Bristol, Francotte, and WW Greener ‘Facile Princeps’)
  • An Unmatched Pair by Michael D. Moffa (Parker)
  • Pheasants Well Done: The Art of Shooting Unlearned by Ross Seyfried (Wesley Richards Princess, Daniel Fraser, Henry Nock and Belgian 16)
  • A Tribute To Eldridge Hardie by The Hardie Family
  • L.C. Smith: The Magnificent Monograms by Townsend Breeden
  • How a Break-Open Multi-Barreled Gun Should Be Shot by J.C. Munnell (European Drillings)
  • Remington Model 1902 No.9 by Terry Deem
  • English Gunmaking North to South by Dr. John Newton (Thomas Miller, George Jeffries, Benjamin Norman, John Adams Scotcher and J.P. Clabrough & Bros.)

Autumn 2021 (Digital) Vol.32

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