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  • Memoirs From The Gun Room by editor Daniel Philip Côté.
  • Market Hunting on the Savannah River by Mills L. Morrison, Jr.
  • 'Almost' matched pair of Charles Boswells by Sherman Bell
  • Lost then Found - L.C. Smith Deluxe pt2 by Tom Archer
  • The Phantom of Bond Street ( Watson Bros. 20 bore ) by John Campbell II
  • A 1929 Harrison and Hussey, by Miles Gilbert
  • Parker Bros. 1897 + 1898 Exposition guns by Craig Larter
  • Ian Crudgington - Gunmaker, author and entrepreneur by Mark Crudgington
  • A.H. Fox Hybrid (1923), by Steve Cambria
  • Westley Richards ‘Fauneta’; T. Kilby; Purdey hammergun, Westley 10; and 6-bore Jackson, by Ross Seyfried
  • Remington Model 1873 by Terry Deem
  • The Birth of the Boxlock by John Campbell II.

Autumn 2020 (Print) Vol.31



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