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Present and protect your Double Gun Journal collection in style


Slipcases are shipped 'post-paid' to U.S. customers. We are not able to extend this discount to other countries unfortunately.

Our slipcases are genuine processed leather and will organize, protect and enhance the appearance of your DGJ collection. Each one is attractively stamped on the side in gold-foil, which is also used on the spine to show the volume number and the year. Each slipcase neatly and safely holds the four issues for that year.

Prices are $U.S. 36 for one, or a discounted price of $U.S. 21.60 each when you buy 4 or more. See the Info section below on how to order. This applies worldwide.

In addition American customers will receive a full refund for the shipping. Due to the way the WIX system works we are not able technically to provide product-specific free shipping adjustment at the check out but are obliged to refund the fees post-sale.


Unfortunately we can’t offer any shipping discounts to non-American countries.

We have all the back-issues (while stocks last), books & slipcases you need to complete your DGJ collection - plus much more! We are steadily scanning the complete collection, including the earliest issues and we are on course to complete this massive task this year.     

For the past 34 years we have depended on and appreciated your patronage very much - thank you for your support,

Daniel & Joanna Côté, publishers of The Double Gun Journal.

Slipcases - order 4 or more for a 40% discount on each


Discount available

  • IMPORTANT - please read this before ordering. Choose the slipcases you need from the drop-down list one by one and add them to your cart. A preview of your cart will appear. Click back to the order page to additional slipcases or other items. When you finished, click on ‘View Cart’. You can then check see the volume numbers you have added, as well as  the product costs and delivery price. A 60% discount applies to each slipcase if you choose 4 or more. Click on ‘Checkout’ when you are satisfied that your order is correct. On the ‘Checkout’ page, you can pay via Paypal or log into a pre-existing account. If this is your first order from us continue by filling in the delivery details form. Your order is displayed on the same page and your items can be edited if you wish to make any last minute changes. Click on ‘More details’ to view the slipcase volume number and dates.
    Please note as mentioned above, if you order four or more you will benefit from a 60% discount on each slipcase. Shipping charges will vary according to your delivery location. American destinations will receive a refund on shipping, making them 'post-paid' in effect. Unfortunately we cannont offer Non-American customers any shipping discounts.  


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