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  • ‘Memoirs from the gun room’ by Daniel Philip Côté
  • 'Three historically important single shot rifles' by Miles Gilbert (Sharps .45 breechloader, Rigby .451, Remington .44.
  • 'The Churchill Enigma' by John Campbell II  (1896 - hammer-gun)
  • 'L.C. Smith special order - one-off, lunch box, or upgrade?' by Ron C. Riis (1892 - 12 bore
  • 'Rifles I have almost known' by Ross Seyfried (A. Henry .450)
  • 'The Cincinnati Kid' by Steve Cambria (Arthur Gambell's 1902 Parker)
  • 'It doesn't get better than this - Boss No.812' by Donald Dallas (Sir Archibald Campbell's 1847 gun)
  • 'Shotguns - A mixed bag' by Sherman Bell (J.P. Sauer, K Leberecht, W&C Scott Premier, M.Amrusch of Austria)
  • 'Afterthoughts on the Lancaster Oval Bore rifling system' by Josh First
  • 'Fizzle to sizzle' by Frank J. Sebro (Fox-Sterlingworth 20 bore)
  • 'Remington Model 1894: Grade DEO - pt 6' by Terry Deem
  • 'To the Editor of The Field - The African Elephant' by Ross Seyfried

Summer 2018 (Print) Vol.29



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