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  • ‘Memoirs from the gun room’ by Daniel Philip Côté (A tribute to Phyllis Berdine Côté 1910 - 2016)
  • ‘Me and Mr. Jones’ by John Campbell II (1890s Robert Jones 12 bore boxlock )
  • ‘The Mystery of the C.A. Tyler’ by Douglas & Emily Larson (20 gauge c.1900)
  • ‘Style and substance’ by Brad Fitzpatrick (Fausti)
  • ‘More of less a superstar’ by Frank J. Srebro (BE and HE Fox)
  • ‘Single-shot guns’ by Ross Seyfried ( A.W. Spies,R.Jackson, Charles Lancaster ‘Base-fire’, and Holland & Holland 1885)
  • ‘Mr. Brower’s Parkers’ by Matthew M. Haney (DHE 12 and 20 gauge)
  • ‘Damascus Mythology and Reality ~ Pt. 1’ by Drew Hause
  • ‘British guns & sporting rifles - pt 33’ by Sherman Bell (Martini rifles by J.W. Rosier of Melbourne and Westley Richards)
  • ‘Reloading the oddball metrics and others ~ pt. 14’ by J.C. Munnell (9.3 x 74R Miller & Val Greiss Magnum)
  • ‘To the Editor of The Field ~ pt. 30 - The Asian Elephant’ by Ross Seyfried

Summer 2016 (Digital) Vol.27

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