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  • ‘Memoirs from the Gun Room’ by Daniel Côté
  • ‘The Mantons’ by Kim Aylworth
  • ‘The lovely little Lucchini’ by Vincent Tomaselli (Lucchini 28 gauge, etc.)
  • ‘The Merkel story ~ pt.2’ by J.E. Fender (Models DF 50F Robertson & DB 160, 2003E)
  • ‘The Rarest Syracuse’ by Tom Archer and Terry Allen (grade C Syracuse 1901)
  • ‘Ball and shot guns ~ pt.2’ by Ross Seyfried (Boswell, W&C Scott, James Lang & Co. Ltd)
  • ‘An island rescue: a stunning Parker .410’ by Steve Cambria
  • ‘The Fylde Coast 4-bore’ by Russell Fox
  • ‘E.M. Reilly: Purdey’s pretentious rival by John Campbell II
  • ‘Hearts are wild: tweaking the C-grade Fox’ by Frank J. Srebro
  • ‘Carbines, foreign and domestic ~ pt.1’ by Sherman Bell (Peabody and U.S. Springfield carbines and Braendlin Martini)
  • ’To the Editor of the The Field ~ pt. 26 - the Wapiti (Elk)’  by Ross Seyfried

Summer 2015 (Digital) Vol.26


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