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  • ‘Working Guns Along The Tidewater’ by Art Wheaton (L.C. Smith Longrange, A.H. Fox CE, Parker VII)
  • British Guns & Sporting Rifles - Part 28’  by Sherman Bell (Holland & Holland Royal 12 and 10 gauge, Purdey single shot rifles, Martini Henry)
  • ‘The Guns of John Philip Sousa’ by Townsend Breeden & Bill Murphy (‘Sextuple Daly/Lindner, Ithaca Flues SBT)
  • ‘Joe Kautzky's Presentation Ansley H. Fox XE Gun’ by Steve Cambria
  • ‘The Parker Prototypes of James P. Hayes’ by Brian M. Dudley
  • ‘Second Chance Purdey’ by John Campbell II
  • ‘Sights That Whisper On The Mountain, Forest, & Plain’ by Ross Seyfried (H. Munch Aachen, Husqvarna, Joseph Bourne)
  • ‘The Rocky Mountain Vintagers Host The Wounded Warriors’ by Michael G. Sabbeth
  • ‘Over & Under or Side by Side?’ by Nick Hahn (Beretta, Boss, Gastine Renette, Browning Superposed, Merkel 303 Luxus, J. Purdey, Piotti King, Holland & Holland Royal, A&S Pegasus, Westley Richards Ovundo)
  • ‘To The Editor Of The Field - Part 19 - The Gaur’ by Ross Seyfried

Summer 2013 (Digital) Vol.24

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