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‘President Theodore Roosevelt's Francotte’ by John Campbell II (1901 A grade)
‘The Gunmaking Firm of Fausti Stefano’ by J. E. Fender
‘L. C. Smith Trap Grade’ by Drew Hause, James Stubbendieck, & Terry Allen
‘British Gun Auctions - Part 14 by Diggory Hadoke (Bonhams, Sotherby’s, Cotswood Gun Room,  Holts)
‘The Case Of The Six Gun Parker’ by John Campbell II (Parker VH restored)
‘James Woodward’ by Dr. John Newton
‘A. H. Fox C-Grade’ by Craig Larter
‘Billy's Gun And Don's Rifle by Ross Seyfriedn (Westley Richards Model 97 .500 nitro, Purdey 14-bore pinfire)
‘The Ruger Red Label’ by Nick Hahn
'To The Editor Of The Field - Marco Polo’s sheep and the Argali’ by Ross Seyfried

Summer 2012 (Digital) Vol.23

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