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  • ‘A Toast To Wapanocca’ by Wayne Capooth (Bonehill, Fox)
  • ‘Nash Buckingham's "Bo Whoop”’ by J. E. Fender & David Trevallion (Becker Magnum, Fox)
  • ‘British guns & sporting rifles - Part 22, The Next 20 years’ by Sherman Bell (Westley Richards, Boss, Cogswell & Harrison .500 Express, W.W. Greener,
  • ‘The Abbey Gun & Greene Smith, The Bird Man of Peterboro’ by Larry B. Schuknecht
  • ‘John William Harrison Wilkes 1924-2010’ a tribute by Stephen Grist
  • ‘The littlest goose gun’ by Ross Seyfried (Alexander Henry .410 ‘Paradox’)
  • ‘Steve Barnett's fine guns’ by Terry AlIen (Arrizabalaga, Churchill Premier, Holland and Holland, Dickson 4-bore, Francotte, Beretta S05 Grand Lusso, Charles Daly, Darne V22, Bruchet Model B, Stephen Grant, L.C. Smith, Parker GHE, BHE, DHE, Lefever Optimus)   
  • ‘In the tradition of Empire, a British Officer’s Game Gun’ by Col. William H. Jordan (Army & Navy boxlock)
  • ‘The father of the centre-fire, George Henry Daw’ by Donald Dallas
  • ‘L. C. Smith single barrel trap guns’ by Townsend Breeden & James Stubbendieck
  • ‘A duo in the Purdey tradition’ by Spence Dupree (Percussion rifle, and bar-in wood double hammer-gun)
  • ‘The "Rip Van Winkle" Browning’ by Nick Hahn (Browning Superposed 20 gauge)
  • ‘Sir WaIter Corbet's Rifle’ by Frank Findlow (Alexander Henry)
  • ‘To The Editor Of The Field, Pronghorn Antelope pt.11’ by Ross Seyfried

Summer 2010 (Print) Vol.21



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