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  • ‘John James Audubon: Naturalist & Hunter’ by Miles Gilbert (A. J. Erskine, Purdey)
  • ‘Grass roots & double guns’ by Diggory Hadoke (Trulock & Harriss, E.C. Hodges, Thomas Sylven, J. D. Dougall, Purdey, Thomas Bland, J.Thompson,   
  • ‘The guns of Fausti’ by Barry Lee Hands
  • ‘Mr. Coldwell Banker's Dove Gun - A Parker .410’ by John A. Johnson
  • ‘A modest Parker collection’ by W. R. Hammond
  • ‘Less Of A Good Thing ~ Lightweight guns’ by Sherman Bell (Charles Osbourne, Alex Henry .450, .360, Imman Meffert, Erskine, W.W. Greener  )
  • ‘Marlin Model 90 "Skeetking" by James Tyson
  • ‘Holland & Holland: Simplicity Sublime’ by Douglas Tate’ (Royal,
  • ‘Teal Troubles’ by Bill Headrick (Parker VHE, Fox CE Grade)
  • ‘Purdey: The making of a legend’ by John Campbell II
  • ‘Three wonderfully different rifles’ by Ross Seyfried (Leue, Trulock & Harriss, Hans Larsen .433 Spanish Remington)
  • ‘The working man's doubles - pt.1’ by Nick Stroebel  (Fulton, Hunter, Lefever, Western Arms Corporation)
  • ‘The Browning BSS boxlock’ by Nick Hahn
  • ‘To The Editor Of The Field’ ~ The Moose’ by Ross Seyfried

Summer 2009 (Digital) Vol.20


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