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  • ‘The old home’ by Wayne Capooth (Herb Parsons)
  • ‘British gun auctions ~ pt.3’ by Diggory Hadoke
  • ‘British sporting guns and rifles - Martinis I have known’ by Sherman Bell (Dougall, Tranter, Westley Richards)
  • ‘K & K Hoflieferanten’ by Felix Neuberger (Springer, Kirner)
  • ‘Place we have been ~ Wynfield Plantation’ by Robert Matthews & Terry Allen (Purdey, MacNaughton)
  • ‘A new direction for firearm engraving’ by J.E. Fender
  • ‘The great Peruvian adventure’ by Stuart Williams
  • ‘A half century of quality No.6 Parkers’ ~ pt.2’ by William W. Headrick
  • ‘Not all the same’ by Ross Seyfried (Purdey rifles)
  • ‘The world of firearm auctions’ by J.E. Fender
  • ‘The HBSA Annual Bisley Lecture ‘double rifles’ ~ pt.2’ by Derek Stimpson (Dougall ‘LockFast’, Jeffrey BLE .450/400, Pirlet Badin 8mm/.310,   
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Company ~ pt.5’ by Jack Maedel
  • ‘The guns of Morris S. Kemmerer ~ pt.1’ by James T. Tyson

Summer 2006 (Print) vol.17



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