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  • 'Finding Out For Myself' by Sherman Bell (Loadings)
  • 'The Mysteries of Centrifugal Force Revealed, and how to hit starlings' by William W. Headrick
  • ‘Two for Africa' by Timothy Carney (Namibia, Hollis, Gibbs)
  • 'Cinderella Parker' by James E. Fender (GHE grade)
  • 'A trio of English Sixteens' by Robert I Egbert (Cogswell & Harrison, W.W.Greener, Alfred Field & Co.)
  • 'Harpole's Heartland Lodge' by Stuart Williams
  • 'Romancing the Snider' by Ross Seyfried (Ammunition, Purdey rifle)
  • ‘The Second Becker' by Tom Kidd (Burt Becker)
  • 'William Larkin Moore: Desert Oasis' by Spence Dupree (Gunshop)
  • 'A Fivesome Of Fine And Fieldworthy Fowlers' by William W. Headrick (W&C Scott, Holland & Holland, Lefever Nitro Special Model1, D.M. Lefever, Sons & Co.)
  • 'Check The Pin Number' by David J. Baker (William Baker sidelocks. J.P. Hodgson, Horsely, W.J. Jeffrey, Gibbs, Bonehill, W. Ford, Holland & Holland, Charles Boswell)
  • 'Sempert & Krieghoff Drilling' by Frederik Franzén
  • 'Ithaca Employees and Guns Marked “2nd” by James T. Tyson
  • 'Prewar Sojourn' by Gerald Graham Gardiner (J.P. Sauer drilling)
  • 'Mr. Greener Would Be Proud, A hammer gun story' by Bill Wise
  • ‘The Winchester Model 21' by Edward E. Ulrich
  • 'Researching An English Gunmaker' by Daniel P. King (The Boreham family)
  • 'Midas Grade Browning Trap Guns' by W.R. Hammond (Superposed)
  • 'An Aftermarket Engraved Remington' by Charles Semmer (Model 1894)

Summer 1999 (Digital) Vol.10

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