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  • ‘British Doubles From A To Z — Part 6’ by Sherman Bell (Westley Richards, and Richards made gun for Pittsburgh Firearms Co.)  
  • ‘Darne Different’ by Donald C. Butts
  • ‘An EE Remington From Mexico’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘Falling Block Double Rifle Serial No. 1’ by Michael T. Pintea (Martin Hagn)
  • ‘New Tools For An Old Trade, gunmaker-designed loading tools’ by David J. Baker (Jeffries, Purdey, Horsely, James Erskine, Dougall & Bartram)
  • ‘The Guns of the Baker Brothers — Part 3, hammer model doubles of 1883 to 1911’ by W M. Furnish and D. D. Hallquist
  • ‘Rigbys "Hippo" .600 Nitro Express’ by Jim Dickson
  • ‘Fabbri by John E Milius
  • ‘Birds of Paradise’ by Chris Dorseyn (Wingshooting in South Africa)
  • ‘Sotheby's Annual Auction at Gleneagles’ by James E. Fender
  • ‘Smoothbore Smorgasbord - Part II’ by William W. Headrick Purdey, Ithaca, J.F. Leader,  Simson of Suhl, Cogswell & Harrison, Westley Richards)
  • ‘A Muzzleloading Double Rifle, a search for the keys to Charles Lancaster’s secrets’ by Ross Seyfried
  • "A Late Bloomer" by Tom C. Kidd (A.H. Fox)
  • ‘Ferlach Bergstutzen’ by Bernard DiGiacobbe, M.D.
  • ‘The Gun of 1866, Parker’s First Shotgun’ by Ronald Kirby

Summer 1998 (Print) Vol.9



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