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  • ‘The Finishing of Damascus Steel - Part 1’ by Oscar L. Gaddy
  • ‘Hats 'n' Spats’ by Randy Edward Lawrence (Seven Lakes Lodge, Colorado)
  • ‘Bolivia, the newest wingshooting frontier’ by Stuart M. Williams
  • ‘The Hoenig Rotary Round Action, the revolutionary new double rifle’ by Eldon "Buck" Buckner
  • ‘Untied Ends’ by David J. Baker (Thomas Perkes, Thomas Horsley, James Smallman)
  • ‘The Wonder Gun’ by Sherman Bell (‘The L.C. Smith long range wild fowl gun’)
  • ‘Mr. Purdey's Express Train’  by William W. Headrick (Purdey’s two-grooved rifle and winged bullet)
  • ‘The Ultimate Compliment’ by Tom C. Kidd (‘An Ithaca flavored’ 20 gauge Fox)
  • ‘The Art of H. Scherping’ by Ross Seyfried (how to determine the correct cartridge and loads for double rifles)
  • ‘The Parker Try-Gun and the Parker Cutaway, memories of a bygone era’ by Ronald Kirby
  • ‘Westley Richards, British & Best’ by Fredrik Franzén
  • ‘Johann Springer's Erben in Wien’ by Felix Neuberger (Springer’s heirs in Vienna)
  • ‘A Remington EEO Trap Gun’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘A Visit to the Ithaca Fourth Grade - Part 1’ by Walter Snyder

Summer 1997 (Print) Vol.8



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