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‘The Eastern shore, and to the devil, his due’ by Randy Lawrence
‘The graduation gun’ by Kevin McCormack (12 gauge VHE-Grade Parker)
‘To Africa with Rigby 500/450, Part 1 Preparations’ by Dave Campbell
‘Colombia doves’ by Stuart M. Williams (Remington 3200)
‘Westley Richards drop-lock rifle’ by Sherman Bell (.450 x 31/4-inch Nitro Express c.1905)
‘The Maharajah’s gun, Maharajah of Gwalior’ by Nicholas J. Makinson (Harry Kell, .400 Purdey rifle)
‘British three-barrel guns’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd (Dickson, Child brothers, Lancaster, Westley Richards, Boss, Edwinson Charles Green)
‘West Texas mournings’ by Art Middleton (Browning Superposed 20 gauge, 20/28 gauge Beretta 686 field gun, 20-gauge Heym, Piotti Lunik)
‘Seconds’ by Tom Kidd (A.H. Fox)
‘Perdiz in Uruguay’ by Dale C. Spartans
‘Book review’ by Larry Barnes (The hammerless double rifle’ 1995 by Alexander Gray)
‘High desert ranch’ by Stuart M. Williams (Browning Citori, Ludwig Borovnik double rifle)
‘A Paradox returns’ by Ross Seyfried (Holland & Holland)                                                                                                                                                                  
‘The English Taste’ by Fredrik Franzèn (Dickson hammer double rifle)
‘Duck doubles and deeks’ by William W. Headrick (A.H. Fox ‘AE’ grade model 1910, ‘CE’ grade, Parker ‘VII grade, J. Stevens Springfield 311, Iver Johnson ‘Hercules' grade)
‘Highland grouse’ by Margaret & Worth Mathewson (Purdey Live pigeon 12 bore)
‘Charles Lancaster Gunmaker to Annie Oakley’ by David J. Baker
‘Remington restorations’ by Charles Semmer
‘Royal Gun Company 1010 grade - gun number 1117’ by Walter C. Snyder 

Summer 1995 (Digital) Vol.6

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