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  • ‘A gun tour of mother Russia’ by Michael Mclntosh (guns in Russian museums)
  • ‘Driven pheasants on the plains of Moravia’ by Stuart M. Williams
  • ‘Staying out of jams on preserves’ by Randy Lawrence
  • ‘The Dickson "Round" Action’ by Bill Dowtin
  • ‘An affair with the Pinfire’ by David J. Baker (Reilly, F.T. Baker)
  • ‘A Parker gun display’ by Charlie Price (26 Parker models displayed at the SAACA)
  • ‘High Holt, (The sporting Estate of George LaBranche)’ by Timothy Belknap
  • ‘Beginning again’ by Rick Pratt
  • ‘Primo Lusso Duo’ by William W. Headrick (Beretta)
  • ‘The Sidecocker’ by Keith Kearcher  (Lefever’s first model hammerless shotgun)
  • ‘L. Brancquaert Bruxelles’ by Fredrik Franzén (Belgian maker of deluxe guns)
  • ‘Lancaster Four Barrel Guns’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd
  • ‘James Woodward’s "Automatic" double rifle’ by Douglas Tate
  • ‘The guns and the game, (a photographic essay)’ by Dale Spartas (DHE Parker, SKB 200, Sauer 20 ga., Union Armera, Hubatzch, Beretta, Arrieta)
  • ‘Shooting them still’ by Ron Forsyth
  • ‘Fox Nuggets" by Tom Kidd (William H. Gough engraver)
  • ‘The Colt doubles’ by Don Hardin
  • ‘The tie that binds’ by Ken Reback (Parker Trojan and VH, Charles Daly hammer gun)
  • ‘Black powder & smokeless, damascus & steel, (some modern fallacies)’ by John Brindle
  • ‘That first big win’ by Donald R. Whittaker (pigeon shooting)
  • ‘A Remington double modified in England’ by Charlie Semmer (CEO grade)
  • ‘The Kreger Collection, (A tutorial on Ithaca shotguns)’ by Walter C. Snyder

Summer 1993 (Print) Vol.4



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