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  • ‘Environmental Ethics’ (It’s time to take a global view) by John Russell
  • ‘Double Gun Memories’ by John L. Rogers
  • ‘Another Fox Smallbore??? by Tom Kidd (The Fox Play Gun toy)
  • ‘Trust’ by N.J. Makinson
  • ‘The trouble with lions’ (A Cogswell & Harrison .470 Nitro Express double rifle) by Dave Anderson
  • ‘Thoughts on Lefever’ by Bob Elliott
  • ‘Purdey 12088’ by Worth Mathewson
  • ‘The Crass’ by Walter Snyder (Ithaca gun company’s first hammerless shotgun)
  • ‘Cashmore’s Patent Nitro Action’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd
  • ‘’The art of gun photography’ by Mustafa Bilal
  • ‘Westley Richards Extractor System’ by N.J. Makinson
  • ‘Welcome To The House of Pedro Arrizabalaga’ by Don Hardin
  • ‘Remington 1894 ldentification’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘Barrels’ (buying an English or European gun) by John Rowe
  • ‘Southern Swing’ by Randy Lawrence (16 bore Ansley Fox)
  • ‘The New Renaissance’ by Michael Mclntosh (Italian gunmakers)
  • ‘Browning Superposed pt 3’, by W.R. Betz
  • ‘Red Head No. 16: Choices’ by Bill Baines
  • ‘In Mr. Churchill’s Style’ by John Taylor (Holland & Holland shooting tuition)
  • ‘Indian Summer Day’ by Brad Piearson (HE grade 12 gauge Fox)
  • ‘Gun Choices of the "Guns” by John W. McGonigle (Browning, Merkel, Rugel, Franchi)
  • ‘The Shot Column by John Smestad

Summer 1990 (Digital) Vol.1

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