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  • Memoirs from the gun room by Daniel Philip Côté, (Colt Model 1883 10 gauge)
  • “When everyone is a Patrick Mullin”, by Richard W. Brewster (20 gauge muzzleloader)
  • Three Greeners, by Ross Seyfried (Wm.Greener 1857 10-bore single, W.W.Greener Grade F crossover, W.W. Greener FH60 Exhibition grade pigeon gun).  
  • “Just wonderful”, by Tom Archer & Terry Allen (Syracuse Arms DE grade 16-bore).
  • Eins, zwei & drei Gewehrlauf, one, two and three barrelled guns, by Sherman Bell (.32 - 40 ‘Tell’ rifle 1948, Ernst Kerner 7 x 65, Gustloff Werke 7 x 65, Imman Meffert combo - 16 gauge and 7 x 57, Greifelt drilling 20 gauge and .30-30)
  • Parker true grit by Steve Cambria, (DH 20 bore)
  • William Golden & Carr Brothers, Huddersfield, by Dr. John Newton
  • A monument near the end of a long road by Josh First (Lancaster .375 2 1/2 nitro express boxlock double rifle)
  • John Stanton: British best gun & lock maker, by Wayne Askew (Stanton and Son 10-gauge)
  • American Arms Co. by Terry Deem (A.E. Whitmore Grade 3)

Spring 2022 (Digital) Vol.33

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