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  • Jean Samuel Pauly - the inventor in 1812 of the first breechloading system to use an internally ignited cartridge - J. E. Fender
  • L.C. Smith - 1918 Eagle, by Townsend Breeden
  • British Guns and Sporting rifles pt 38, includes W & C Scott, W.W. Greener- Sherman Bell
  • Remington Rolling Block number 1 -Terry Deem
  • William & Powell 16 bore - Dr. John Newton
  • Parker Single A-1 special - Steve Cambria
  • Hammers & fences pt2 - by Ross Seyfried. Various rifles including Purdey, Lancaster, Hoerning pinfire, Daly/Lindner, Johann Springer, Harkom, W.W. Greener, Sherping, W&C Scott, Holland, and Horsely
  • The Mystery of Harrington & Richardson number 1941 - Ron Scott

Spring 2020 (Digital) Vol.31

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