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  • ‘Memoirs from the gun room’ by Daniel Côté (Nora Tebben)
  • ‘Sir Samuel White Baker’s Paradox - Pt 2’ by Roger E. Lake (Holland & Holland)
  • ‘British Sporting Guns & Sporting Rifles - Pt 35’ by Sherman Bell (Lang/Webley .400 Nitro Express; Alex Henry .360 Falling block; Holland Holland .360 rook rifle; Edward Paton .450 double rifle; R.B. Rodda double rifle.360 x 21/4”)
  • ‘Above and Beyond: A Grand Fox (FE) for the good doctor’ by Steve Cambria
  • ‘Albert Henry’s Cashmore Nitro Patent’ by Bill Ferguson & David Pierce
  • ‘A Special Parker for a Louisiana hunter’ by James I. Mayer (P grade with 40” barrels)
  • ‘Of Rooks and Rabbits, Mice and Men’ by Ross Seyfried (Purdey, Lang pinfire, Holland Royal, Lancaster)
  • ‘The Ithaca family of Lefever shotguns’ by Walter C. Snyder
  • “All’s Well That Ends Well”…With an English 20!’ by John Campbell II ( John Cole of London)
  • ‘Grandfather’s Remington Model 1882’ by Terry Deem
  • ‘Beretta’s field doubles - Part 4 - The new series by John R. Tassini

Spring 2019 (Print) Vol.30



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