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  • ‘Memoirs from the Gun Room’ by Daniel Philip Côté
  • ‘The Southern Side By Side Spring Classic’ by Randy Lawrence
  • ‘USA High School Clay Target League - Pt 2’ by Jim Sable
  • ‘“The Times They are A-Changing” pt 4 by Josh Loewensteiner
  • ‘Allure of the Small-Bore’ by Jason Marks (L.C. Smith & Ithaca 20-bore, Lefever 16-gauge, Three Barrel Gun Co. 16 gauge, and Tobin Arms co. 16-gauge)
  • ‘Charles Lancaster Oval Bores: Unconventional Wisdom - Pt 2’ by Josh First (.450 BPE)
  • Elk Song Rifles - Pt 5’ by Ross Seyfried (Henry-Dickson-Fraser .303; Atkin -
  • .256 and Rigby .455)
  • ‘Return to Thunder Ridge’ by Steve Cambria (1893 Parker 10-gauge hammer gun,  
  • ‘The King, The Captain - and their Grants’ by John Campbell II
  • ‘Remington Model 1894 - Pt 6 by Terry Deem
  • Dean Romig book review of ‘Fly Tyer’, by Austin S. Hogan
  • Ross Seyfried book review of ‘Alexander Henry - Rifle Maker’ - by Donald Dallas
  • ‘The Process’ by Sherman Bell (Anton Mulacz)
  • ‘Edward Bate - London’ by Dr. John Newton (Bate 20-bore flintlock)

Spring 2018 (Digital) Vol.29

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