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  • ‘Memoirs from the gun room’ by Daniel Philip Côté
  • ‘Trulock & Harriss’ by John Campbell II (20-gauge 1911 sidelock)
  • ‘The L.C. Smith Number 5’ by Townsend & Edward Breeden
  • ‘Simson & Co. ~ Suhl’ by Sherman Bell
  • ‘The Preserve at Boulder Hills’ by R. Todd Corayer (Famars)
  • ‘J.A. Hannah’s Widgeon Duck Club Parker’ by Steve Cambria (20-gauge)
  • ‘From Germany with Love’ by Ross Seyfried (Henry Vogt of Chicago, Fred Adolph)
  • ‘The McNutt Fox’ by Don Nickerson (1939 XE Grade A.H. Fox)
  • ‘Southern Spoutings’ by Craig Stripling (Davis Co. Ajax model 12 gauge, L.C. Smith 28 gauge, Stoeger/Bernadelli Gamecock Deluxe 20 gauge, Browning 20 gauge, 20 gauge 20 gauge, Bernardelli Hemingway 12 gauge )
  • ‘Rigby No. 14219 ~ .500 BPE Double rifle by Thomas E. Oppel
  • ‘To the Editor of The Field ~ pt. 29 - The Cape Buffalo’ by Ross Seyfried

Spring 2016 (Print) Vol.27



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