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  • ‘Lord Lonsdale's Rifles’ by Derek Stimpson (1883 Holland & Holland .360  and .450/400 sidelock)
  • ‘Bird Shooting at Southwind Plantation’ by Roger Pinckney (Merkel 20 bore, Beretta 687 Silver pigeon 20 gauge, 1926 Parker Trojan 20 gauge, Caesar Guerini)
  • ‘Ansley's DE Grade’ by Ned Schwing& Terry Allen
  • ‘Woodward Under & Over’ by Fredrik Franzén
  • ‘The Elusive Ithaca’ by Walter C. Snyder (Model 4 Lefever trap gun with vent rib)
  • ‘Fish or Cut Bait? by Art Wheaton (Parker .410)
  • ‘Jim Corbett's .450/.400 Jeffery Speaks Again’ by Stephen Boxford
  • ‘Tribute to Austin W. Hogan’ by Dean Romig
  • ’Reloading The Oddball Metrics & Others: - Part 8’ by J.C. Munnell (Vierordt Doppelbuchsedrilling and Raick Freres, chambered for Winchester .405)
  • ‘Elk Song Rifles - Part 2’ by Ross Seyfried (Charles Maybury 9-bore, .375 Holland & Holland ‘Veloplex’, Rigby pinfire rifle)
  • ‘Long Range Hyperbole’ by Drew Hause, James Stubbendieck & J. D. Williamson’ (Long range & wildfowl guns, L.C.Smith)
  • ‘To The Editor Of The Field - Part 18, The Hippopotamus’ by Ross Seyfried

Spring 2013 (Digital) Vol.24

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