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  • ‘Stephen Grant’ by Dr. John Newton (early centre-fire lever over guard hammer gun, and sidelever)
  • ‘Tribute to William Larkin Moore’ by Donald Butts
  • British Guns & Sporting Rifles - Part 25’ by Sherman Bell (W.W. Greener, Army & Navy .280 rifle by Webley and Scott, Alex Henry .500,
  • “An Exceptionally Nice Pape” by Miles Gilbert
  • “In Pursuit of The Best Gun by Jeremy Musson” book review - Ross Seyfried
  • ‘L. C. Smith Specialty Grade’ by Drew Hause, James Stubbendieck & Terry Allen (Thomas Hunter)
  • ‘Reagan's Westley Richards’ by John Campbell II (droplock)
  • ‘Reloading the oddball metrics and others - Part 6, the 9.3 x 74R’ by J. C. Munnell
  • ‘An Ulrich Parker’ by Austin Hogan
  • ‘The Sample’ by William W Headrick (Fox Diana Grade sample)
  • ‘Autumn with an extraordinary new gun’ by Ross Seyfried (Galazan A-10 over and under)
  • ‘Holland's No. 19036 BPE Double Rifle’ by Thomas E. Oppel
  • The Mighty Mite "28" by Nick Hahn (Beretta S687 Silver Pigeon III and V, Rizzini,
  • To The Editor Of The Field - The Oryx’ by Ross Seyfried

Spring 2012 (Print) Vol.23



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