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  • ‘My Journey Homeward Through My Highland Heritage’ by Kelly A. Boatright (James MacNaughton, Dickson & MacNaughton, John Dickson & Son )
  • ‘More Uncommon Delights ‘ by Sherman Bell (Thomas Bland & Son, Snider-Enfield, W. & C. Scott, Beretta )
  • ‘A Purdey Beyond ‘ by Ross Seyfried (hammergun)
  • ‘The Effects of Provenance ’ by Diggory Hadoke (Stephen Grant, W. W. Greener, Purdey, Charles Lancaster)
  • ‘Philosophies of Collecting ‘ by Austin Hogan (Parker, Fox)
  • ‘The Lazy Triple Creek Ranch ’ by Michael G. Sabbeth (driven pheasant shooting)
  • ‘Little “Sweetheart” Lefever ’ by Josh Loewensteiner
  • ‘ Westley Richards: A Tour de Force – Past and Present ’ by John Campbell II
  • ‘A. J. Aubrey and the Meriden Firearms Story ’ by Peter Mikalajunas
  • ‘A Close Encounter of The Unexpected Kind ‘ by James H. Ransom MD (Remington Model 32 )
  • ‘To The Editor of The Field, Red Deer‘ by Ross Seyfried

Spring 2010 (Digital) Vol.21



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