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  • ‘Waterfowling with fine doubles’ by Ross Seyfried (Connecticut Shotgun RBL,  Model 28, W& C Scott, Greener 10 bore, Continental 16)  
  • ‘British sporting guns & rifles - Part 21’ by Sherman Bell (J. P. Claborough, Westley Richards, W.W. Greener, G.E. Lewis, W&C Scott)
  • ‘“Expanding” on the subject of solid bullets’ by Sherman Bell
  • ‘The Ithaca Evolution’ by Colin McLagan (Crass, Lewis, Minier, Flues)
  • ‘F. Faukner’ by Felix Neuberger (Mannlicher,,
  • Mysteries of the Poker Parker no. 3561 - Part 2’ by Richard B. Hoover (11-gauge Parker)
  • ‘British gun auctions - part 12’ Diggory Hadoke (Westley Richards, Holland & Holland, Lancaster, Powell, Dougall, Lang, Horsley, Purdey, Charles Ingram, Thomas Bland)
  • ‘Beretta, Ferrari & Alpha Romeo’ by Fredrik Franzén (DT 10,
  • ‘Rebirth of a legend, re-creating the Sharps-Borchardt rifle in New Mexico’ by George W. Calef
  • ‘The Skulk’ by Phillip D. Yearout (Fox Sterlingworth)
  • ‘The new Holland & Holland Paradox goes to Hungary’ by Roger Lake & Russell Wilkin
  • ‘To The Editor Of The Field - The Chamois’ by Ross Seyfried
  • ‘The Browning "Revolution Guns" by Arne Aronsson

Spring 2009 (Digital) Vol.20

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