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  • ‘British gun auctions - pt. 10’ by Diggory Hadoke (Purdey, William Powell & Son, Horsley, Pape, W&C Scott, W.W. Greener, Hellis, Westley Richards, Boswell, Rogers, Rigby, Reilly, Boss, Lincoln Jeffries, Watson Brothers, J &W Tolley, Holland & Holland, Cogswell & Harrison, Lancaster, Harkom)
  • ‘More than one way to say Holland & Holland’ by James H. Ransom, M.D.
  • ‘Edward George Parry, gunmaker’ by Bob Noble & the late Wm. Achtermeier
  • ‘Merkel over/unders’ by Nick Hahn
  • A Parker collector's primer - Part 1’ by Austin Hogan
  • ‘Rebirth of a Single Shot’, the saga of Henry Dickson-Fraser’ by Ross Seyfried (Alexander Henry, John Dickson, Daniel Fraser)
  • ‘Harpole's Heartland Lodge’ by Robert Matthews & Terry AlIen (Pryse, Lang & Sons, Dobson & Rosson,  
  • ‘The firearms industry of Euskadi and Grulla Armas’ by J. E. Fender
  • ‘British sporting guns & rifles - pt. 20’ by Sherman Bell (W.W. Greener, Rodda Martini, Westley Richards, Gibbs Farquharson,
  • ‘Michigan's Upper Peninsula Side-By-Side Classic’ by Mike Monte (Westley Richards, Ithaca NID Grade 5, Cogswell & Harrison, T. Bland & Sons, Parker, Pape, Venables, Manton, L.C. Smith, Royal Bettis, Wickliffe, Remington)
  • ‘To The Editor Of The Field - The Blackbuck or Indian antelope’ by Ross Seyfried

Spring 2008 (Digital) Vol.19

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