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  • ‘The mountain bird’ by Nick Hahn
  • ‘Finding out for myself - pt. 13, Wall-hanger rendezvous’ by Sherman Bell (damascus barrel tests)
  • ‘British gun auctions - pt. 6’ by Diggory Hadoke (large number of named British makes)
  • ‘The guns of Morris S. Kemmerer - pt. 2’ by James T. Tyson
  • ‘The King's double rifles - pt. 2’ by Jan Paul Loeff (J. Nowotny of Prague)
  • ‘Charles H. Jerred, L. C. Smith engraver extraordinaire - pt.1’ by Tom Archer
  • ‘H Grade with a twist’ by Jim Cobb (Lefever)
  • ‘For the Russian Czar - pt.1’ by J. E. Fender (A1-special Parker)
  • ‘Westley Richards - pt.3’ by Ross Seyfried (‘Long range’ .500, Model 1897 .360 Express, Model 1881 .303, 10-bore ‘model C’)
  • ‘More golden oldies’ by William W. Headrick (Fox AE grade 20 gauge, Parker VH, Ivor Johnson ‘Skeeter’ 20 gauge, Holland & Holland back action 12 gauge,
  • ‘The British Shotgun, 1891 to the present day’ by David Baker (Edwinson Green, Boss o/u 16 bore, Woodward o/u, Purdey o/u, Beesley ‘Shotover’, Midland Gun Company, Skimin and Wood, Baker o/u,  Greener ‘St George’, Westley Richards,
  • ‘Red stag stalking on New Zealand’s South Island, single shot stag’ by Donald Butts (Blaser K95 .270,
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Company - pt. 8’ by Jack Maedel

Spring 2007 (Print) Vol.18



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