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  • ‘A day over dogs’ - an excerpt from ‘Upland game birds’ by Edwyn Sandys and T.S. Van  Dyke (1904)
  • ‘The doubles were divine and the bullets worked fine’, by Sherman Bell (W.W. Greener .577 express boxlock double rifle, Holland & Holland Royal 12 gauge ejector, W&C Scott Premiere grade 12-bore)
  • Book review by Ross Seyfried - ‘Alte Scheibenwaffen vols 1 & 2’, by Jesse Thompson, C. Ron Dillon, Allen Hallock, and Bill Loose, compiled by Tom Rowe.  
  • ‘In defense of the ‘Light’ double rifle’ by Willoughby Johnson (Army & Navy .275 Nitro Express, Rising bite Rigby .303, Purdey .303, Holland & Holland Royal .303, Searcy & co. Deluxe Model boxlock, Krieghoff Classic S)
  • ‘Daniel Fraser of Edinburgh’ by J.E. Fender and David Trevallion
  • A Peter Johnson DGJ exclusive interview. ‘Encounters of the Parker Kind’ by Ed Muderlak and Destry Hoffard (1928 Parker DHE)
  • ‘The Lady and the Gentleman’ by Ross Seyfried (Scherping .50 single, 1918 Rigby .455)  
  • ‘The premier of trap guns and the fat lady’ by William W. Headrick (A.H. Fox, J,K, L and M grades)
  • ‘The German Sauer/Swedish Husqvarna connection’ by Fredrik Franzén
  • ‘Remington Model 1889, Grade 4’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘L.C. Smith barrels: America’s all Americans’ by John Houchins and J. Walker Houchins
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Company - The Grade 1 pt 9’ by Tom Archer and Terry Allen
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Company: The early years - pt 1’ by Jack Maedel

Spring 2005 (Print) Vol.16



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