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  • ‘Anson and Deeley’ by Clare Stride and David J. Baker
  • ‘An early Purdey pinfire rifle’ by Roger E. Lake
  • ‘Finding out for myself - pt 7 - Express rifle pressure variables’ by Sherman Bell (Purdey, W&C Scott, Alex Henry, Mauser)
  • ‘Only in your dreams, Parker’ by James E. Connelly (L.C. smith Specialty grade trap, Parker D2 10-gauge)
  • ‘Deutsch Reich Patent no. 70343’ by Jeff Stephens (J.P. Sauer and Sohn)
  • ‘Gemsbok stalking in Austria’ by Dr. Lloyd Newberry & Terry Allen (Scheiring 7mm/.222,
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Co. - part 5 - A superb Hollenbeck’ by Tom Archer & Terry Allen
  • ‘Remington Model 1894 - Grade EE’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘Best of the Best’ by William W. Headrick (Purdey, Ken Hunt)
  • ‘Driven Pheasant and Partridge in the hills of Piedmont and Lombardy’ by Stuart M. Williams (Beretta, Piotti)
  • ‘Ithaca Sousa 20 gauge number 395899 - A gun, a trophy, and a tribute’ by James T. Tyson
  • ‘Captain James Forsyth - Victorian sportsman’ by Frank Findlow (James MacLaughlan, Greener)
  • ‘Harvey Donaldson’s L.C. Smith’ by Austin Hogan
  • ‘Good, better, best - part 2’ by Colin McLagan (AyA Model 53E, Grulla,, Arrizabalaga, Bertuzzi, Piotti, Rizzini, Abbiatico and Salvinelli, Francotte, Dumoulin, Lefever, L.C. Smith etc.)

Spring 2004 (Print) Vol.15



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